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Feel Like Falling


Back in my favorite city on the planet, and damn it feels good (despite the 40 degree Fall weather). HUGE appreciation for the lovely crowds that came out and got down at the first two stops on the record release tour! There’s no better feeling than playing a set, digging in deep with music you truly love,  and seeing your friends and fam show their full support on the dancefloor. I’ve been going pretty heavy on my own music and Captain Planet related material, so I’m steering away from that today to share some stuff I’m listening to on the subway that you probably won’t hear at any of my gigs in the upcoming week. Mostly new acquisitions, I feel pretty confident you’ll be moving around (or at least squirming in your chair) by the time you get to Sammy Bananas. Then there’s a handful of chilled out tracks to bring you back down again. Don’t forget to check the rest of my tour schedule in my last post and come through if you’re in the vicinity. I always get a big kick from meeting digital acquaintances in the flesh.

The Juan Maclean :       Running Back To You

Fool’s Gold :       I'm In Love (Poolside Remix)

Tinashe :       Vulnerable (Pomo Remix)

Les Sins :       Grind

Big Data :       Dangerous (Oliver Remix)

Ninetoes :       Finder

Sammy Bananas :       Pan Seared

Dre Skull :       First Time ft. Megan James & Popcaan (Curses Remix)

Astro Zu x Tusks :       Sungod

BØRNS :       10

Pascaal :       Drowning In You

Alina Baraz & Galimatias :       Make You Feel


Mixtape Riot Radio: #010

Please excuse the lag in posts… hopefully this latest podcast, packed to the brim with goodies, will make up for it. As always, it’s an eclectic aural exploration. Travelling from South American future dub, to headnod-inducing indy soul, to global bass and funky house- I tried to connect the dots between a wide range of fresh new sounds in classic Mixtape Riot style. New songs from Tremor, Mayer Hawthorne, Misun, Banks, Atropolis, Uproot Andy, Superhumanoids and more. Don’t let the “back to school” sales scare you, it’s STILL SUMMER in Mixtape Riot-land.

Full tracklist and free download available here

Mixtape Riot #010 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

  • rob coppola

    hey Charlie,
    mate, many thanks for all the incredible tunes you put together, especially for the mixtape riot series. i’ve been a fan for just a few months, and can say I ‘m always hanging out for the next episode. i’m yet to be disappointed. Just downloaded #10 in advance of my family trip to Europe tomorrow(from Sydney). I plan to give it some serious attention, over the next couple of weeks . cheers Rob C

  • RM

    Same here Charlie – These are keeping me awake on my morning commute, and I’ve just downloaded 10 for a 4 hour plane journey.

    Many thanks, please keep it up!

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Deep Thoughts From The Outhouse


After a beautiful week in the woods with fam, I’m back in my LA studio catching up on the many gigabytes of new music that I recently pilfered from friends. In addition to daily swimming in ponds, jumping into waterfalls, picking veggies from the garden and catching fireflies at dusk, we celebrated the wedding of my own Ma Dukes to her new hubby. Best believe, I made the reception party get loose with a long set of classics (under a tent on a gorgeous grassy hill top). Belly full of fresh kale & arugula, I’m feelin juiced for this week’s parties, including my guest set at the raucous Tormenta Tropical party on Friday night alongside Paul Devro, Deejay Theory, Oro11 y mas. If you’re in the LA area, come through!

Flume :       Sleepless ft. Anthony For Cleopatra featured on the last MTR radio show, this crispy, soulful, downtempo joint is too good not to share

Mayer Hawthorne :       Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix) I know, I shared new Mayer last week too, but this new single getting remixed by one of my favorite production teams around is making my week

Bosq (of The Whiskey Barons) :       Never Feel Cold ft. Mendee Ichi &       Paciencia De Jo ft. Tita Lima highly recommend this solid new full-length from one half of The Whiskey Barons (who you may remember, remixed a Capt. Planet song a couple years back)

Atoms For Peace :       Before Your Very Eyes &       Ingenue big names coming together rarely sounds this good. I was late on this, but big props to Thom Yorke, Flea & Nigel Godrich for a solid collab album

Madlib :       The Mad March apologies for the low quality rip, but it’s only available on 7″, so go get it

Rebecca Ferguson :       Glitter & Gold new soul, classic sound. Lookin forward to more from her

Hanni El Khatib :       Low badass indy psych-rock soul sounds, produced by Black Keys dude of dudes, Dan Auerbach.

Boom Boom Boom :       Out Loud love this group! Shouts to KCRW dj Aaron Byrd for hipping me to them. Seen them live twice now and I would bet good money that you’ll be hearing big things from them soon.

Lockah :       Platinum Blonde heavy head nod bizniz perfect for late nights, rainy days, or sexy time with that certain someone

Ginger & The Ghost :       One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix) always happy to hear new sounds from this versatile Aussie beatsmith

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