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Mixtape Riot Radio: #010

Please excuse the lag in posts… hopefully this latest podcast, packed to the brim with goodies, will make up for it. As always, it’s an eclectic aural exploration. Travelling from South American future dub, to headnod-inducing indy soul, to global bass and funky house- I tried to connect the dots between a wide range of fresh new sounds in classic Mixtape Riot style. New songs from Tremor, Mayer Hawthorne, Misun, Banks, Atropolis, Uproot Andy, Superhumanoids and more. Don’t let the “back to school” sales scare you, it’s STILL SUMMER in Mixtape Riot-land.

Full tracklist and free download available here

Mixtape Riot #010 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

  • rob coppola

    hey Charlie,
    mate, many thanks for all the incredible tunes you put together, especially for the mixtape riot series. i’ve been a fan for just a few months, and can say I ‘m always hanging out for the next episode. i’m yet to be disappointed. Just downloaded #10 in advance of my family trip to Europe tomorrow(from Sydney). I plan to give it some serious attention, over the next couple of weeks . cheers Rob C

  • RM

    Same here Charlie – These are keeping me awake on my morning commute, and I’ve just downloaded 10 for a 4 hour plane journey.

    Many thanks, please keep it up!

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Drown Out The Chainsaw

We’re approaching that late Summer slow-down, but I somehow still feel like I’m forever on the run. Semi-constant trimming of trees outside my studio window for the past week certainly isn’t helping me find any peace of mind. Thankfully, good music (injected directly into my brain via large noise-cancelling headphones) generally provides the remedy. Working on lots of new music, and brainstorming a way to save humanity from the seemingly inevitable future where we visit fake tropical islands (oh wait, that’s the present). Press play and share my sanctuary in these recent audio acquisitions (shouts to Badkiss, Garth Trinidad & Jon Oliver for some of these).

Moderat :       Bad Kingdom

Barbarossa :       Turbine

Misun :       Coffee (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit) &       Hills and Trails

Klaves :       So Fine

Bonobo :       Emkay

Flume :       Left Alone ft. Chet Faker (Ta-Ku Remix)

Mizz Beats :       Sanctuary

Tremor :       Huella (Frikstailers Remix)

José James :       Vanguard (fLako Remix)

Floating Points :       Wires


Deep In Concentration

Quick injection of mid-week beats for all you fiends in need. Some grimey sounds, some smoothed out bizniz, and a touch of make-you-feel-good-and-kiss-the-sky type ish. Never studied music in school, but if I did, I would want to be in a class like this. Shouts to DJ Cato, DJ AC, & BadKiss for some of today’s tunes- where would I be without my friends?!?

The Rub (ft. Lil Fame & Misun) :       Feel You (Marco Polo Remix) DJ Ayres & DJ Eleven (aka these guys) have thrown their monthly Brooklyn bash for years now. This party was definitely a major inspiration for my own Planet Rock jump off here in LA, and now they’re finally making music together which reflects the diverse mix of hip hop, electronic & soul sounds that they’re known for spinning. This makes me happy.

Misun :       Sharpshooter discovered this singer from the song above, there’s more where this came from… check it

Malinchak :       Beside Me on the smoothed out 90’s tip

RAC :       Hollywood (ft. Penguin Prison) first original tune by remix meistro RAC?!? Leave it to ole crafty Mountain Dew to make it happen

The Dream :       Loving You Crazy the prodigal son of R&B, the wandering mystical crooner/producer who says whatever he damn well feels and manages to make it sound good. Yeah, good new tune from that dude.

Classixx (ft. Nancy Whang) :       All You're Waiting For (Switch Remix) so glad to hear this spacey synthed-out nu-disco take on this tune. It sounds like Switch doing his version of Todd Terje.

Daft Punk :       Lose Yourself To Dance (Simøne Remix) because it’s hard to play the original and not be played out, and because this just works.

Sharam Jey :       Gonna Get You (w/ Night Talk) &       Over Me (w/ Tapesh) hauws muzik. late night dirty dancing is bound to ensue when this comes on.

Visti & Meyland :


@https://mixtaperiot.com/wp/wp-content/media/YesMaamRemix.mp3″ volslider=”n” flow=”y” ind=”y”]funky old Southern folk sample meets future gypsy electronic glitch-house. I dig.

David West & Ida Engberg :       Abataka having a crappy day? slow morning? Step in dog poop? Put this one on and watch the big red african sunrise melt away all your petty problems.

  • Dangerscouse

    All good, some better than others for me, with Misun, Sharam Jey, Visti & Meyland and David West & Ida Endberg being top of the pile….makes me want to stand in dog poop. Fuckin fantastic tune. It’s on a comp called ‘It Began In Africa’ on Kitball Records, which I’m going to check out right now.

    I think you should change your last comment in the first paragraph, to where would we be without your friends…they regularly dig up some gems

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