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Drown Out The Chainsaw

We’re approaching that late Summer slow-down, but I somehow still feel like I’m forever on the run. Semi-constant trimming of trees outside my studio window for the past week certainly isn’t helping me find any peace of mind. Thankfully, good music (injected directly into my brain via large noise-cancelling headphones) generally provides the remedy. Working on lots of new music, and brainstorming a way to save humanity from the seemingly inevitable future where we visit fake tropical islands (oh wait, that’s the present). Press play and share my sanctuary in these recent audio acquisitions (shouts to Badkiss, Garth Trinidad & Jon Oliver for some of these).

Moderat :       Bad Kingdom

Barbarossa :       Turbine

Misun :       Coffee (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit) &       Hills and Trails

Klaves :       So Fine

Bonobo :       Emkay

Flume :       Left Alone ft. Chet Faker (Ta-Ku Remix)

Mizz Beats :       Sanctuary

Tremor :       Huella (Frikstailers Remix)

José James :       Vanguard (fLako Remix)

Floating Points :       Wires

  • Heatwolves

    dude loving the posts lately! keep it up. always playing out the tracks u blog. really feeling that Tuxedo stuff and the Oliver remix of Mayer Hawthorne.

  • gozar

    Good stuff as always Chuck. Feelin that ‘coffee’ joint!

  • P

    Floating Points. Whoa. Heavy shit. Can’t take it off replay…

  • badkiss

    Charlie i am in LOVE!!! with the Coffee song! repeat repeat repeat haha
    Thank you =)

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