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Ay Chi Mamones


When I’m overwhelmed or frustrated by one of the bajillion tribulations that life throws my way on a daily basis, my go-to saying of choice, which somehow immediately manages to make me feel better, is “AY CHI MAMONES”. Rather than falling back on the classic Mexican derived slang mamón, I like to insert the plural version with reference to this mysterious fruit that I’ve never tried. A whole bundle of these mamones for every spilled glass of coffee, every inattentive driver that cuts me off, every new bill that comes in my mailbox and gets added to the pile of others that remain unpaid. There has been a veritable forest of mamoncillo trees springing out from my throat this past month. But thankfully this simple vocalization continues to produce a sweet/sour fruit in place of what could be pure cow dung. Mamones are even healthy! With all that said, I apologize again for the lack of recent posts, for this site going offline temporarily, for the new design-in-progress which lacks much of the flare of the old one… I’m working on it, and planting more mamoncillo trees in the meantime.

Lost Midas :       Head Games ft. Audris

MNEK :       Every Little Word

Cherokee :       Don't Matter ft. Darianna Everett

John Milk :       The Fool (Disco Reggae Mix)

Broadway Sounds :       Something Sensual &       Booby Trap

Donnell Jones :       U Know Whats Up (Option4 Remix)

Pharrell ft. Jay-Z :       Frontin' (Disclosure Remix)

ZHU :       Paradise Awaits

Hervé & Zebra Katz :       Tear The House Up

Curtis Harding :       Keep On Shining

Dom La Nena :       Batuque (Jeremy Sole & Atropolis Remix)

Oceaán :       Need U &       Your Side

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