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Search For The Perfect Hummus


I didn’t want to talk about this too much for fear of jinx-ing it, but now that it’s actually happening I’m still in a state of overjoyed disbelief. Currently writing this to you from 35,000 feet in the air on a non-stop Emirates flight to Dubai. For the next two weeks I have the immense pleasure of playing records alongside one of my favorite deejays (and friends), the legendary Nickodemus, founder of Turntables On The Hudson and Wonderwheel records. Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Amman… all cities I’ve never been, with really cool parties that I’m very excited to play at. The first one will be this Friday, March 27th at Zero Gravity in Dubai. Then on Saturday we’ll be in Beirut doing this RBMA event. If you have friends in the vicinity, let them know we’ll be bringing the heat! I will try to keep you guys updated with more details and mp3’s, but in the meanwhile, enjoy this ridiculous mix of rare funky vintage records from the mid-east that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else.

  • Soul Cocina

    what a great experience. And this mix is platanos. amazing tracks.

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Luzmila Remix


Been busy all week locked up in a cabin in Idyllwild finishing an album with my co-conspirator Shana Halligan. This is the first time I can remember being so single-mindedly focussed on one project for so many hours in a row. The sleep is little, the mixing is long, but I’m excited about the music (which should finally be coming out this Summer). Due to my current hermitude, I haven’t had a chance to download any new music, or even put together a playlist of songs that I’ve been sleeping on, but I did realize that I never shared this recent Captain Planet remix of mine on this site. So voila! This is available on a truly great EP released by legendary Argentinian record label ZZK, which collected remixes of indigenous Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio. I took her folk roots and added some heavy percussion and moody synths and a touch of my trademark marimba which I seem to never get enough of haha. Check it out below and please support if you dig it!


El Coco Remix


Got another new one for you! Download is as free as the wind (for all my broke-ass Deejays out there).  I made this remix for a great new compilation of sounds from South America and beyond. You can check out the full comp Frenete Bolivarista right here. Funny thing is, they messed up the TITLE of the song and then it premiered on the THUMP Brazil music blog with the incorrect title. Ayyy chi! I want to apologize to the group Los Folkloristas, but then again, this is a bootleg remix after all, and things like this do get lost in translation sometimes when files are bouncing between continents. Once again, this is some bass-heavy latin roots designed to kick up dust on a dancefloor near you.

Please feel free to download the correctly titled MP3 right here, then bump loudly!

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New Dorp. New York Bootleg

New Dorp

Just wanted to share this quick edit I made of a tune from the latest SBTRK album featuring vocals by Ezra Koenig. I know this guy’s voice verges on being annoying, but something about this song always gets me and I wanted to have a version I could drop for the dancefloor. Just gave it a touch of extra sauce, hope you dig. FREE DOWNLOAD get it while the gettin’ is good.


Maestros Remix


Very happy to share this latest remix with you all (and make it available for FREE). This is a collaboration I did with my homie and DJ partner Canyon Cody (Subsuelo mastermind) for local LA cumbia superheroes Buyepongo. These guys have been keeping the heavy roots alive and well around Southern California for a minute, and I’m hoping this is the first of more collaborations to come. We took their classic cumbia tribute to the masters and brought it to the club. Fans of 808’s and moombahton should find plenty to like about this one.

Alternate download link (since soundcloud seems to be trippin): RIGHT HERE

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Seu Jorge Remix


Perhaps the funkiest song ever written about silicone (“Large Chested Mania”), just received a Brazilian butt lift. I whipped up this dancefloor weapon a couple weeks back and dropped it at every one of my stops on the tour. It worked wonders for me and I feel pretty confident it will do the same for you. This has been one of my favorite tunes by Seu Jorge for a looooong time, and I always wanted a version with more bass. Here it is, finally, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, so spread the love!

  • Alex

    Awesome, big thanks for this and everything else!

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