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Ha-Ha Ha Ha Ha-Hot Music


Summer blazes on, burning through my precious time and leaving a trail of ashes under which my hazy memories dwell. I know I’m doing a lot, but if you ask me tomorrow, I will probably have the hardest time remembering today. Gotta up my ginko biloba intake and start doing memory games or something. One thing I do know, is what I’m feelin’ right now. Today it happens to be a high grade selection of tropical dancefloor bizniz. Hopefully you can pass some of your precious minutes wrapped up in a dutty wine to these goodies while sipping on something nice and cold, even if you should forget all about it tomorrow. Big Shouts to Geko Jones & Cato who hooked me up with a few of these tunes.

Stylo G ft. Sister Nancy :       Badd

Exco Levi :       Save The Music (Deejay Theory Edit)

Andy Rivera ft. Baby Rasta & Gringo :       Si Me Necesitas (Remix)

Farruko ft. Sean Paul :       Passion Wine

Systema Solar :       El Botón Del Pantalón

Sonora :       Cuetes (Bachata Booty Roll Contest)

Daniel Haaksman :       Lemba ft. Coréon Dú

DBANJ :       Oliver Twist

Fuse :       Azonto (Jus Now Remix)

Unknown :       Mi Nina
no idea who this artist is, pretty sure it’s Angolan Semba music. If anyone has info, PLEASE SHARE!

Batida :       Pobre e Rico

DJ Laz :       Esa Morena (Nadastrom & Sabo Love Miami Mix)

  • Dawn

    Stunning as always! You do a great service – thank you! Only know the 70’s Angolan stuff – which is addictive – but definitely doesn’t have auto-tuning..

  • Paa Jo

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In The Gray

In The Gray

Perfectly timed for all your Summer BBQ & pool party soundtracks, this second single from my upcoming Captain Planet album has arrived, ready to mash up a dancefloor near you- or at least keep your head nodding while you fan yourself and try to keep cool. I originally made this riddim (featuring horns by The Lions) for a Katy B remix which got a lot of love, but was passed on by the label so I could never officially release it- wack. Because no good riddim should ever go to waste, I enlisted the talents of my good friend and frequent collaborator Brit Laurén. She killed it so thoroughly I’ve already forgotten what Katy sounded like. In The Gray is out now on 7″ (I see you vinyl heads!!!) and digitally courtesy of Bastard Jazz Records, GET IT HERE. Huge shout out to the ever-reliable OkayAfrica blog for premiering the song yesterday and giving it a great review. And stay tuned, the full album Esperanto Slang drops in September…

  • WJ

    Very cool.

  • Dangerscouse

    Bought it today. Better than the very good Katy B remix

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Ka Kong Remix


BIG TUNE! I was very happy when my friend Thornato (co-founder of Cumba Mela Records and all-around good dude) hit me up about remixing this song. His original version, featuring ragga vocalist Jahdan, is a massive 3ball influenced rootsy global bass monster. I wanted to take it down to half speed with some reggae roots, but also keep it hype for the club, so I mixed in a bit from both worlds and voila! Press play and bump loudly- apologies in advance if your speakers blow out. Big shout out to my man DJ Theory & LargeUp.com for featuring the premier. And please, if you’re feelin it, support by purchasing the full release here.

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