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Chuck Wild aka Captain Planet is a DJ / Producer / MC / Artist / Professional NICE GUY. Know to many as one of The Beatards trio, known to others as the masked crusader of global stank who produced The Gumbo Funk EP as well as a slew of remixes that can be heard wherever people with a taste for funk exist.


Mr. Schitzo Disco


Big mixed bag of new tunes for you today to help kick off your week. I experienced some major tectonic plate shifts in my emotional landscape last week, so maybe you can hear a bit of that in the selections. Perhaps you’ve been feeling some type of way yourself, and need the musical medication as bad as I do. Or maybe you’ve just been going through the motions on the treadmill and need a little synthesizer disco love to creep in and grab your ventricles with a rebel takeover. Whatever the case may be, press play and see where the melody takes you. Artwork today is from collage maestro Eugenia Loli, who I started following recently and am really digging.

Niia : Body
Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the rest of this gal’s EP, but the trademark Robin Hannibal production on this song is top-notch as always

Fat Freddy’s Drop : Slings & Arrows
always a good day when I hear a new song from this crew

Sinkane : How We Be & New Name
I keep returning to this album and loving it more. Gonna make this year’s top 10 for sure.

Joe Hertz : Isolate ft. Kaleem Taylor
smoothed out head nod vibe featuring this UK soul crooner

Shy Girls : When I Say I Love U (Saux Remix)
sexy time with a little bounce, from this Dutch producer

Jordan Bratton : Must Be (Esta Remix)
nice stepper R&B flavor getting the flip by Soulection producer ESTA

Vic Mensa : Down On My Luck
looking forward to hearing more catchy rap from this up-n-comer

Caribou : Can’t Do Without You
another album that will probably be on this year’s top 10. so good

Pomo : Vibrator
this funky Canadian continues to deliver pure murderation with each new track

Alina Baraz & Galimatias : Pretty Thoughts
I was a little late hearing about this girl, but I’m sure the name will continue to spread like wildfire with vibey masterpieces like this

Darondo : Didn’t I (Dave Allison Rework)
underground sweet soul classic gets a nice subtle 2-step remix by this disco-edit don dadda


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Lambo Mercy: DJ AC Guest Post


We’ve got a guest post today from my good friend- Los Angeles’ very own DJ/hustler extraordinaire, Aaaron Colbert. I believe the last time he shared tunes here, it was a group of selections off his official mix for Bentley. Well this time he was asked to do an official mix for Lamborghini- what gives?!? Check out the full mixtape here (which provides a nice deep-house cruising soundtrack even if you’re pushing a vintage Honda). His selections should please all the house heads and club kids out there, take a listen…

Until The Ribbon Breaks : Spark

The Magician : Sunlight ft. Years & Years

Hippie Sabotage x Tov Lo : Stay High (Alex Aark Bootleg)

SNBRN ft. Kaleena Zanders : California Love (Summer Mix)

Gorgon City : 6AM ft. Tish Hyman

AlunaGeorge : Outlines (Danny T Rework)

Mr. Probz : Waves (Roter & Lewis Edit)

  • Dangerscouse

    Dangerspouse and I are lovin these tunes and mixes. Cheers man

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Seu Jorge Remix


Perhaps the funkiest song ever written about silicone (“Large Chested Mania”), just received a Brazilian butt lift. I whipped up this dancefloor weapon a couple weeks back and dropped it at every one of my stops on the tour. It worked wonders for me and I feel pretty confident it will do the same for you. This has been one of my favorite tunes by Seu Jorge for a looooong time, and I always wanted a version with more bass. Here it is, finally, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, so spread the love!

  • Alex

    Awesome, big thanks for this and everything else!

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That’s A Wrap


The initial album release tour has come to an end- what a whirlwind! I’m finally home and settling in, very excited to get back in my studio and start working on new music later today. 7 gigs in 4 cities over 16 days, and all of them popped off properly! So glad to see so many friends and familiar faces in the crowds, plus the chance to meet some new people who have been supporting the sound. My sets were totally unique at every stop, but today’s playlist represents some recent additions that found their way in the mix. These are mostly African (or Afro-inspired) tracks, with a touch of Brazilian and South American flavor in the mix. All of them are certified for the dancefloor. Press play and bump loudly!

Mim Suleiman : Bibi Na Mpu (Maurice Fulton Dub)
insanely funky future cosmic afro-disco that I first heard played by Jeremy Sole. Check out Mim here.

Shaluza Max : Mangase
classic South African kwaito from this late-great singer-songwriter who passed earlier this year.

Stromae : Ave Cesaria
Belgium’s quirky electro-pop star is back with a new banger paying tribute to Cesaria Evora. Accompanied by an awesome video, what’s not to love?

Quantic : Muevelo Negro ft. Nidia Gongora (Werkha Remix)
I know I posted the original version a while back, but this subtle remix by young Werkha has bumped this tune up to the next level.

Sali Sidibé : Dunia Djamou (Jose Marquez Remix)
classic Malian chantuese gets the deep house treatment from this Cali afro-club maestro

DJ Malvado ft. Eddy Tussa : Zenze
contemporary Angolan pop sounds something like this guy

Dotorado : African Scream (Marimbas)
heavy Kuduro bizniz from this Portugal-based producer

Barbatuques : Baião Destemperado (Moska Bootleg)
this is what happens when a S. American big room EDM producer makes a track for the Brazilian World Cup.

Marlldexx : Voodoo Drums
another Brazilian flavored tune that is guaranteed to get the club jumping (despite the horribly tacky song title). More from this Dutch producer here.

Zougloumania : Kapa
super legit future roots Zouglou sounds from Cote D’Ivoire

Prince Koloni : Luku A Meisje (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones Remix)
the Que Bajo boys killed it on this tune from their recent Suriname Ting release.

Gingee : Hybrid Pulse
layers upon layers of heavy percussion on this funky Zouk Bass tune from my LA-based friend Gingee

  • Dawn

    We’ve been kicking up some serious dust to this, here in Cape Town..this is a fantastic mix. You MUST pop in when you are on this continent. PS loved the Muevelo re-“Wherka” but weren’t You threatening to do one?? It is such a mesmerising tune..

  • Chuck Wild

    Thanks Dawn! Looks like Werkha beat me to it haha…

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Slipped Past


Just wanted to share a couple recent productions I was involved with that may have slipped past your radar. First up is a remix I did for the insanely talented, and cool-as-f#ck, Alsarah. I first heard her voice on her collaboration with Debruit. Then I discovered her timeless retro-Sudanese masterpiece “Silt” which recently came out on Wonderwheel Records (and is even available on cassette!!!). I’ve played the hell out of this album and do not get tired of it at all- there’s not a single track you want to skip. So I reached out to this awesome gal and had the extreme fortune of getting her to feature on my latest album. Then when Aaron (who manages Wonderwheel) was collecting remixes for Silt, I jumped at the opportunity. I took it in a more contemporary Middle Eastern dance-pop-casio-crazy direction (a la Omar Souleyman). I think it works.

Next up is a collabo track that I co-produced with the up-n-coming WE CHIEF out of Brooklyn. We passed the beat back and forth a few times and eventually ended up getting vocals from the legendary Ragga Twins out of the UK (whose ‘Rinsing Lyrics’ album I used to listen to on cassette tape circa ’99). I also managed to enlist the talents of my old family friend Bill Ratner for some hilarious voice over intro bizniz. The outcome is a tribal moombah electro dancehall ting. Remixes of this tune are in the works, but for now, grab the OG as a free download!

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Feel Like Falling

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Back in my favorite city on the planet, and damn it feels good (despite the 40 degree Fall weather). HUGE appreciation for the lovely crowds that came out and got down at the first two stops on the record release tour! There’s no better feeling than playing a set, digging in deep with music you truly love,  and seeing your friends and fam show their full support on the dancefloor. I’ve been going pretty heavy on my own music and Captain Planet related material, so I’m steering away from that today to share some stuff I’m listening to on the subway that you probably won’t hear at any of my gigs in the upcoming week. Mostly new acquisitions, I feel pretty confident you’ll be moving around (or at least squirming in your chair) by the time you get to Sammy Bananas. Then there’s a handful of chilled out tracks to bring you back down again. Don’t forget to check the rest of my tour schedule in my last post and come through if you’re in the vicinity. I always get a big kick from meeting digital acquaintances in the flesh.

The Juan Maclean : Running Back To You

Fool’s Gold : I’m In Love (Poolside Remix)

Tinashe : Vulnerable (Pomo Remix)

Les Sins : Grind

Big Data : Dangerous (Oliver Remix)

Ninetoes : Finder

Sammy Bananas : Pan Seared

Dre Skull : First Time ft. Megan James & Popcaan (Curses Remix)

Astro Zu x Tusks : Sungod

BØRNS : 10,000 Emerald Pools

Pascaal : Drowning In You

Alina Baraz & Galimatias : Make You Feel

  • jay.soul

    Thanks once again for sharing. Always great to check your selections. Funk on.

  • Wytse

    Was looking forward to your new selection, thanks.

  • •••
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