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CRU_cover.jpg Carolina_cover1.jpg

Seu Jorge : Chatterton
taken from the album “CRU” on Wrasse (2004)

Seu Jorge : Chega No Suingue
taken from the album “Carolina” on Mr. Bongo (2002)

Back from Cali, head woozy already. Pleased to be able, finally, to present you folks with raw illness from the Favela bred, smooth-crooner-poster-boy himself: Mr. Seu Jorge. This guy blew up big time with his starring role in the painfully good film City of God, then helped us to feel at home at Sea in The Life Aquatic. These two records stand out boldly and bemoan all haters of the next-world musical order. So listen here, but don’t sleep.

Now returning to NYC, these thoroughly gorgeous albums have been added to my Crate at last! Starting you off with a Serge Gainsbourg cover from Seu’s most recent project- a more mellow and stripped sound for him (the title “CRU” means “raw” afterall). Chega, from his earlier album on the ever-tasty Mr. Bongo label, is not nearly as danceable as most of the other tracks on the album, but it grooves hard nonetheless and also features a nice bit of work from a synthesizer that sounds quite similar to the one I just picked up at a flea market in L.A. I’m having lot’s of fun right now making retro, portamento-soaked funk licks in my spare time, as I’m sure you can imagine. Produced entirely by groove meistro Mario Caldato (of Beastie Boys fame), “Carolina” is an essential party album for all you Gumbo Funkers out there- samba/funk/hiphop/soul/reggae and all the other things we love around here. Big ups to the recently junglefied DJ Rapsody for the hook-up.