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I had prodded and pushed, begged and pleaded, and finally I had given up. But, to my surprise, freshly returned from his trip to South America, here comes… GUEST POST FROM DJ BUSQUELO! Now I’m gonna have to start pushing all over again for another one…

Harold - Busque el Gato.jpg

Harold : Busque el Gato
taken from the 7″ single put out by Eveready Batteries (197?)

It feels fitting that my first (and overdue) introduction to the loyal readership of the Captain’s Crate should be a namesake nugget of esoteric fire. Picture this: somewhere between Panama and Venezuela, Union Carbide commissions a guy named Harold to write a little jingle to remind a tropical nation, better known for kidnapping and drug trafficking than for its magnificent birds and friendly people, how to identify their line of Eveready Batteries. Just Look For The Cat (eveready logo has a cat doesn’t it?). 30 or so years later, Harold’s “Gato” makes its way into my trembling paws, and further proves my theorem that the Quest is its own Reward.