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abeti_cover.jpg promise_cover.jpg

Abeti : Gogo
taken from her self-titled album on Pierre Cardin (1973)

Miriam Makeba : Quit It
taken from the album “A Promise” on Disques Esperance (1974)

Captain Planet : Lully Bye Inst.
just one of them old beats I made…

I have to give credit where it’s due: I first learned about the illustrious Abeti from a mixtape given to me by young Murphy’s Law. THAT BASTARD! I thought upon reaching the Abeti track, just 10 minutes into side A (nestled nicely between some heavy latin stylings from Los Virtuosos and the trance inducing afro vibes of Malombo– bet you wish you had a copy of that mix!). How can lil’ brody who only just started coppin’ vinyl already be one upping me?! But yesterday, I evened the score once again by finding a copy for myself in a cheapie bin. Hailing from Zaire (now the Congo), Abeti was known throughout the seventies as “le nightingale du Zaïre” – I might have dubbed her the “le Janis Joplin du Zaire” instead. Soul, rock, funk and indiginous styles intermingle all throughout the album with Abeti’s powerful vocal chords soaring over twangy guitar riffs and heavy bass. Why no one has reissued it is a mystery to me.

We all know Miriam, but sometimes we forget about just how amazing she is. Quit It has been brought back into my world recently through several songs that use the silky wah-wah guitar intro that pretty much embodies a chill downtempo headnod. I first sampled this cut almost two years ago, then I heard it used by Afu-Ra on his latest album (did anyone listen to that?) and I got frustrated- it’s never fun to find out that someone else uses your sample first. And then a recent trip over to Aurgasm left me with the song “Bluebird” by One Self in my itunes heavy rotation playlist. Produced by the ever funky DJ Vadim, they do the sample much more justice (sorry Afu). So, now I really can’t do anything with this old beat of mine. If anyone out there is a singer and would like to freak a vocal version, holler at me, otherwise, I figure I’d just throw it out there into the blogosphere as a final goodbye- yes, I know the string sample is a bit off key, but for some reason I kinda like it. A Promise also features the super sick “Mama Ndiyalila” groove as well as the bouncy afro funk cut “Samba” which has been comped a couple times. Joe Sample and other members of The Crusaders are on here as well as string arrangements by one David Axelrod. So quit it.