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Edikanfo : Nka Bom
taken from the album “The Pace Setters” on Editions EG (1981)

Black Soul : Africa Africa
taken from their self-titled album on Beam Junction (1977)

Sorry to all of you who missed the extreme jump-off last wed., soooo righteous. Sky Hy definitely freaked the funk out, I’m looking forward to more from that dude. Big up to the other performers too, and the sponsors, and all the pretty faces I saw (ugly ones too). Looks like it will definitely happen again, so stay tuned…

As spring slowly comes into being around me, with cherry blossoms and sunsets at 7:30, I figured it might make sense to drop some fast paced joints in an attempt at speeding the whole process a bit. If it is possible for mother nature to get hype and shake a little faster, then Afro-disco is the thang that will make it happen. Organic pounding drums meet synths and soaring horns. Gotta love that phaser action on the high hats too.

Edikanfo came out of the thriving scene in 70’s Ghana. Faisal Helwani, who produced this record alongside Brian Eno (yup, totally random, he was on a trip and just kinda ended up in the studio), also produced for Fela and Hugh Masekela among other notables. What little I know about this group and the making of this record I learned by reading this book, check it.

As for Black Soul, I can’t say much other than that they originate from Dakar, Senegal and were making moves in the French scene at the time of this recording. Try doing a google search with “Black Soul” and see how much luck you have. It’s always funny to see the one smiling long-haired white dude in the group, reminds me of the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band. This whole record sizzles at about the same tempo and ferocity, moog and disco breaks abound, which makes sense since this is a “TOM MOULTON MIX”. What little I know about that dude I learned reading this book, check it.

Also, I updated the blogroll finally! There’s some new sites I’ve been finding out about… see for yourselves.