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For Seu (Who Can Dance)

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flor_cover.JPG faltando_cover.JPG agua_cover.JPG

Djavan : Maria Das Mercedes
taken from the album “Flor De Lis” on Som Livre (orig. 1976)

Djavan : Serrado
taken from the album “Faltando Um Pedaco” on EMI (orig. 1978)

Djavan : Aquele Um
taken from the album “Agua” on EMI (1983)

It’s a pretty rare thing to be in the presence of people who inspire us. Sure, we might visit an old grade-school teacher who made an impact on us, or perhaps there’s an opportunity to see an author speak at a bookstore, but in general, those people who we admire on the grander scale – the real heroes of our imagination – tend to be out of reach. I imagine that distance actually magnifies the effect that these people have on our insides. The giddiness of seeing a performer we obsess over on stage, right before our very eyes, would perhaps be lessenend if we were to spend any real amount of time with them. No one wants to realize that their own personal “Genius” may also be sleazy, washed up, and just downright unlikable.

Then again, there are special moments when we come into direct contact with those seemingly untouchable characters, and in the flesh they somehow manage to surpass our grandiose expectations. That happened to me this past Thursday night. Spinning records to the ordinarily appreciative crowd at my weekly gig– in walks one Seu Jorge. Dude has been one of my favorite artists for more than a minute. Seeing him live in prospect park this past July was definitely the peak of my summer concert experience. My first reaction? I dropped Djavan. Seu, a man who doesn’t shy away from gyration, FLIPPED. I proceeded to go on a pretty heavy Brazilian trip, and he kept on flipping. We got to kick it at closing– the man danced non-stop for long enough to make me thirsty at least twice– and, although his English is limited, he expressed profuse appreciation for the music (in particular the Djavan). As you can imagine, I was high as a kite. Now, I figure you all should check out this same Brazilian samba-soulster that made Seu shake dreads.

And check this out: looks like I’m running for local office in a town that I’ve never been to.