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Don’t have too much time to extrapolate on the goodness of these new latin joints, but I was reminded to share them when my track “Speakin Nuyorican” (which STILL hasn’t even been officially released yet) popped up on this Flavorpill/Absolut mixtape this past week (alongside some pretty decent company). Sorry about the somewhat infrequent posts- between getting my computer + entire digital music library jacked, experiencing the over-the-top insanity of Austin’s SXSW festival, and breaking my nose in a mosh pit, I’ve been a little preoccupied. But I’m bouncing back as we speak (and trying to remember all the good songs that I need to find again). 

All I will say about today’s tracks is that they come from albums that are great quality listening all the way through. Never heard of Dusty before, but in addition to producing and playing, he also runs the excellent Jazz & Milk record label (who very well may have the classiest album art in the game right now). 

Novalima is a project I’ve known and loved for several years now. I was skeptical about whether they’d be able to outdo their last album, but Coba Coba really just picks up their whole dubby, electro, afro-peruvian sound where Afro left off. If you’re a fan of funky syncopated time signatures and rootsy production, it doesn’t get better than this. 

BONUS MUSIC: I stumbled upon this very fresh SUPERMERCADO MIX by DJ Emil while looking for one of the tracks from Jazz & Milk. Nomadic Soundtrack indeed!

Dusty :       Salsa Step
taken from the album “Keep It Raw” on Jazz & Milk (2009)

Dusty :       Loco Para La Pista (Solo Moderna Remix)
taken from the EP “Keep It Raw Remixed” on Jazz & Milk (2009)

Novalima :       Yo Voy
taken from the album “Coba Coba” on Cumbancha (2008) 

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