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Gonna keep today’s post short and sweet. This is a song that has been absolutely slaying me for months now. A little slice of heaven so potent you might need to sit down so you don’t get bowled over. (I spent an entire night listening to it for the first time, not sure that a song this good actually existed.) From the insanity of the guitar lines (can you say, distortion?) to the incomprehensible beauty of the vocals (any Portugese speakers out there who’d care to translate this, please, hit a brother up), I literally cannot get enough of this track. The Captain reminded me that this song needed to be shared when he mentioned Milton on a recent post over at Soul-Sides.  Now I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy.

Milton Nascimento : Trem De Doido
Taken from the album “Clube Da Esquina” on Odeon (1972)

  • Chuck Wild

    not to mention one of the greatest LPcovers of all time!

  • Bryan Vargas

    Really this amazing song is more properly credited to Lo Borges, Milton’s collaborator on this classic LP. Borges is the singer on this track and I think (?) also the songwriter as well.

  • allen

    This is one of my favorite Brazilian albums ever and the best album to start with when exploring Milton Nascimento’s work, which I can find to be a bit of an acquired taste. Bryan’s right, Lo Borges is the man on this particular track. And Chuck is right on in digging the cover too. I like how they have two poor kids from the country, one white and one black, which perfectly sums up the album too as Milton is black and Lo is white and was only 20 years old when the album was released, so he basically was a kid!

    I found one of my other favorite tunes from the album on this other blog:

  • Eric

    Tren Doido / Crazy Train –

    Noite azul, pedra e chão / Blue night, rock and earth –
    Amigos num hotel / Friends in a hotel –
    Muito além do céu / Way beyond the sky –
    Nada a temer, nada a conquistar / Nothing to fear, nothing to conquer –
    Depois que esse trem começa andar, andar / After this train starts to go, to go –
    Deixando pelo chão / Left on the ground –
    Os ratos mortos na praça / The rats dead in the square –
    Do mercado / Of the market –

    Quero estar, onde estão / I want to be, where they are –
    Os sonhos desse hotel / The dreams of this hotel –
    Muito além do céu / Far beyond the sky –
    Nada a temer, nada a combinar / Nothing to fear, nothing to arrange –
    Na hora de achar meu lugar no trem / Time to find my place in the train –
    E não sentir pavor / And not to feel terror –
    Dos ratos soltos na casa / Of the rats free in the house –
    Minha casa / My house –

    Não precisa ir muito além dessa estrada / Don’t need to go much beyond this road –
    Os ratos não sabem morrer na calçada / The rats do not know death on the sidewalk –
    É hora de você achar o trem / Is time for you to find the train –
    E não sentir pavor / And not to feel terror –
    Dos ratos soltos na casa / of the rats free in the house –
    Sua casa. / Your house. –

  • Murphy's Law

    ERIC! You are the MAN! Muito muito OBRIGADO!!!!!!!

  • Tov

    Dig it. Very haunting.

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