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Crazy Legs


The time is upon us once again to unleash your crazy legs and maybe even get drunk as f_ck. The Mixtape Riot! crew is throwing a party, and this is gonna be the LAST ONE with our beloved webmaster/design guru/moral consultant IXLEY still here with us in NYC. Once again, we have a line-up with some very fresh artists to introduce you to. And like always, good DJ’s and eclectic dance music all night. Open bar 10-11 but you gotta RSVP for free entry. Don’t sleep!

Acid Jacks :       Crazy Legs!

Tittsworth :       Drunk As F_ck (Meterhead Remix)

  • Werner Pfetzing(Coldplay17)

    I only know “Crazy Legs” from the Rock-a-Billy-Man Gene Vincent !
    This is really different and now today very cool ! I like it !

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