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(not so) CMJ 2009


Extra-special limited-edition CMJ dub-version, extended-dance-mix! It’s jumping off tomorrow night once again at SUTRA. The line-up is kinda crazy, so forget all the 200 other CMJ shows going on that night, and come to ours because IT’S BETTER!  Even though it’s not an “official” showcase (wamp wamp). Remember Joya Bravo who I posted here a while back? Yeah same Joya is coming through. Have you heard of Soundwavve yet? Probably not, so let me introduce you with a fresh MP3 of theirs that samples a rock song I like (I forget, is that White Stripes?). We also have a lil cameo spot from Monica Rush. And as always, the Mixtape Riot family will be representing to the fullest with Soul Imperial DJ sets to flip your lid and a Beatards romp through the room to shake shit up. We’re shooting a video of the whole night, so come through and make a cameo if nothing else. Check the lil promo video by our homies Money Mitch and Bruno to get a taste of what’s on the way…

Soundwavve :       Touch Me

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