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Strut + Soundway = Ton O’ Funk

Here’s a toast to people who make my life easier. To the like minded enablers who allow my fiendish appetite for new music to rage out of control. To the people who dig for gold around the world and don’t hesitate in sharing the love. To the people behind Strut & Soundway (two of my favorite labels), here’s a big fat CHEERS! These labels have been putting out solid releases for years and show no signs of slowing down. Today’s playlist comes from just a few of their most recent releases: classic nuyorican Latin sabor, Afrobeat gems, Disco dancefloor fuel, Colombian roots music and Panamanian soul. Go cop the full albums and support the people who keep feeding us funk.

Mongo Santamaria :       O Mi Shango
Ralfi Pagan :       Brother
both taken from Salsa Explosion

Ebo Taylor :       Victory &       Mizin
from Love & Death

Sandy Mercer :       You Are My Love (Walter Gibbons 12
from Jungle Music

Mad Man Jaga :       Hankuri
Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies :       Otachikpopo
both from Nigeria Afrobeat Special

Wganda Kenya :       Pim Pom
Son Palenque :       Palenque Palenque
both from Palenque Palenque

Little Francisco Greaves :        Moving-Grooving
Los Silvertones :       Carmen
both from Panama! 3

  • Monica

    Every single one of these releases looks incredible. Thanks for the sample, will definitely be copping.

  • ozgood

    I was just looking for the Ebo and listening to the Palenque when I opened Mixtape tonight.
    Proper, per normal!

  • Strut Records

    Cheers back, holmes!

  • djShea

    always choice tunes…peace

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