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One For Egypt

Revolution is in the air. I can’t help but feel inspired. I don’t have a ton of Egyptian or Middle-Eastern music, but I do have a few gems worth sharing. Recent events have also inspired me to knock out a simple disco edit of a Lebanese favorite of mine by Fairouz. I remember first hearing “Albostah” or “El-Bosta” (depending on translation) at my favorite NYC falafel spot and having the kebob-master write down the song name for me on a grease-stained napkin. Here’s to the dream of better days to come and in support of the peaceful struggles that continue throughout the Mid-East!

Fairouz :       Albostah (Captain Planet Disco Edit)
bellydance meets Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards

Salah Ragab & the Cairo Jazz Band :       Egypt Strut &       Neveen
this guy worked with Sun-Ra among others. Check out this whole album for more

Hossam Ramzy :       Khusara Khusara &       Wana Be-ied Annak
sound familiar? Jay-Z is clearly a fan

Hyam Younes :       Jeitili
from an amazing 7″ I found years ago