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Thank You Record Stores

Yesterday was Record Store Day, which, if you’re like me, means very little, because every day that I pass a record store becomes record store day. However, because it was an official holiday, I felt obliged to go out of my way and find a new spot. In the ongoing effort to avoid more gloomy scenes like the ones pictured here, I encourage each and every one of you to pitch in and do the same. As we all know, once you’re inside the magical atmosphere of a good music emporium, you never know what you’re going to find. Whether it’s great music or great comedy that I stumble upon, I’m rarely disappointed. And while big record labels continue to struggle, and CD manufacturers shut down factories, vinyl sales are somehow still on the rise. Because I rarely have the time anymore to digitize my recently acquired bounty, I picked a very scattered selection today. But I also feel like it reflects the random nature of what you encounter at used record stores. Enjoy these songs, all from vinyl I’ve picked up in the past 9 months or so, and go find a new record store!

The Dance :       Tumble To The Power &       Past Is Past
I first heard about this record over at Waxidermy and had been on the lookout for a while. Thank you A1 in NYC (still one of the all-time greatest) for helping me check it off the want list. And if you want the whole record, Other Music has made it available digitally.

Ozo :       Listen To The Buddha
I found this 7″ (along with a bunch of other good ones) in Detroit at People’s Records (pictured above) when I was driving x-country last summer.

Orchestre Baobab :       Sibou Odia
Good Records NYC gave me this one for a great price because of a little water damage to the cover. This place always surpasses its name.

Muscle Shoals Horns :       Addicted To Your Love
I think I first heard this song on the legendary Soul Boulders mix, but I just pulled it recently, can’t remember where.

Freda Payne :       Suddenly It's Yesterday
This one’s been a repeated revelation- those strings! Ameoba SF comes through yet again.

Johnny Thunder :       I'm Alive
not to be confused with the guy from The New York Dolls, I learned about this Johnny from Doc Delay at Good Records NYC.

Ben Aiken :       If I Told You Once ( I Told You A Million Times)
It’s a little hard to play this one on repeat because it reminds me of my last girlfriend, but then I listen to “I’m Alive” again and feel better.

  • POB

    i havent decided which version of “i’m alive” i like the best. the horns in the don fardon version, or the soul of johnny thunder.


  • Chuck Wild

    Nice bongos on that version too. But I think I’d still vote for rawness and soul with Johnny Thunder.

  • Dangerscouse

    Raw Soul…..now there’s two words that make me sit up and pay attention!!!

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