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Boom Boom Clap

That’s Seu Jorge strumming in front of an installation by Os Gemeos at the opening for the Art In The Streets show at MOCA a little while back. When one of my favorite musicians is playing behind a drum kit customized by a pair of my favorite artists (Gemeos are identical twins), I call it a good night. Funny thing too, there wasn’t even a crowd around Seu, he was just quietly jamming and most people didn’t even look twice! All the songs I’m sharing today are good on that level of greatness. Nothing in your face, nothing that will make you throw beer bottles at the stage, just mellow mood makers.

Boom Clap Bachelors :       Løb Stop StÃ¥ &       Testikularitet
more goodness from Robin Hannibal and crew, who’s officially one of my favorite producers out right now.

Nova Nova :       Prisoner's Song
not sure what language this is, but the way she floats over this 5/4 groove gives me goosebumps
**UPDATE**  Vocals on this track come from Hungarian singer Márta Sebestyén (thanks N!)

Seu Jorge & Almaz :       Everybody Loves The Sunshine &       Cirandar
I’ve had this album for a while, but was waiting for the right moment to drop these goodies

Ducktails :       Hamilton Road
lo-lo-lo-fi indie sounds from New Jerseyan Matthew Mondanile.

Ocote Soul Sounds :       Pirata
off the latest release Taurus from Martin Perna & Adrian Quesada (Antibalas/Daptone crew members).

League :       Golden Maps
this one popped into my inbox and I’m happy it did. Check out more from these guys here.

Brandt Brauer Firck :       Bop
acoustic techno? Yes. Check them out here.

Blundetto :       Nautilus (ft. Shawn Lee)
reggae take on the Bob James beat digger classic. This whole album is great.

  • N

    enjoying the selections! vocal on Nova Nova track is by Márta Sebestyén – Hungarian who was on the English Patient OST among other things

  • Chuck Wild

    Nice. Thanks for the info!

  • Dangerscouse

    Lovin that Blundetto track…..I’ve found a ‘Versions’ remix album that looks really tasty.

  • Richard

    Thanks great selection.

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