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Havana Cultura – Revolucion Del Cuerpo Remix

Crafty ole Gilles Peterson put together a contest to remix select tracks off his last album, recorded in Havana. If it had just been a chance to remix these great Cuban musicians, I probably would still have done it, but as extra incentive, the winner gets 2 tickets to attend the Rotilla Festival of Electronic Music in Cuba. That lit the fire under my ass and put me to work. Here’s what I came up with. If you like it, and want to help me possibly get to Cuba (where I would absolutely love to go), then please take 15 seconds to vote for my remix right here (no email or login required- just scroll down to mine on page 2). Either way, I’m glad I had the opportunity to remix this and I’ll make a download available soon…

La Revolucion Del Cuerpo (Captain Planet Remix) by ChuckWild

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