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The Broshevik Revolution

We done did it! The Bro’s (myself & Murphy’s Law) have joined forces for our first tag-team weekly jump off. While we’ve dj’ed plenty of parties together over the years, it’s been a long time coming for us to actually be living in the same city and doing our thing together on a regular basis. Bar Lubitsch is a pretty ideal location- big dancefloor, outdoor patio, reasonable drink prices, Soviet themed- what more do you want? Expect the unexpected- eclectic selections to move your mid-sections. Hope to see all you Angelenos in attendance. Today I present you with a musical offering in the theme of BRO-dom to help get you in the dancing mood.

War :       Me & Baby Brother

Cymande :       Brothers On The Slide (Ruffy Tuffy Mix)

Willie Hutch :       Brother Gonna Work It Our (7 Samurai Edit)

Sambasonic :       Take It Easy My Brother Charles

De La Soul :       Big Brother Beat ft. Mos Def

Little Brother :       The Get Up

The Heath Brothers :       Smilin' Billy Suite Part II

  • senor waylando

    niiiiice. and funny ass flyer.

    i should have looked you guys up when i was in LA weeks back.
    (i come from a MassiveSelector/Sweaterfunk circle of friends in SF!)

    one day i’ll check you two out in all your communist glory! Constructivism lives!

  • Eliani

    Congratulations! Hey, it looks like you guys are up after my friend’s comedy night. Best luck with everything. I’m back on the East Coast and looking for good weeklies in the Northeast. Any suggestions?


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