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Lisa Lisa Lisa Remix

Hope you all had excellent and debaucherous weekends! I know I certainly did. The Yellow Disco party was indeed a highlight, complete with soultrain line dancing and 2-stepping galore. In honor of a happy November, I present you with one of my latest remixes inna disco stylee. The original version by Yellow Alex & The Feelings will be available here very shortly

Lisa Lisa Lisa (Chuck Wild Remix) by ChuckWild


  • Anne

    Nice mix. ((This is currently being blasted in my never ending war against a douchebag neighbor. He wants the complex to sound like a club on Jersey Shore. — Cannot thank you enough for legitness))

  • cherylilove

    WOO! I lurve this. Is it possible to dance in your chair? ;)

  • you knew

    why do i like this? maybe dave1 can tell me

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