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Keep That Music Playin Remix

This another one champion sound! The Pimps Of Joytime have been my homies for a looooong time. Chauncey used to drum with me at Bembe in BK starting back in like… 2005?!? And of course, the man behind the Wonderwheel label is none other than the globetrotting party instigator Nickodemus, who’s been an inspiration to me since before I was legal. Check out the whole Janxta Remix EP (whoa, nice write-up on TurntableLab too) and help support your local funk dealer by purchasing some music for a change haha.

Also, my B-day week treated me real proper. HUGE shout out to everyone who came out to the bashment last Thursday and turned the spot out. Really couldn’t have been a better crowd. I’m gonna try and make it happen more regularly cause partying is one of our favorite things here at MTR. Til the next episode…





    This shit Cray! Nice work bro, love playing this one out, top notch.
    Congrats on the Maphuno sessions, can’t wait to hear how that turns out.

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