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Really happy to announce the release of this new EP! It’s half remixes I’ve made in the past few months, and half remixes other talented cats did of my songs. Pretty eclectic bag, but you can expect the usual tropical bass, afro-latin spice, and a healthy dollop of electro boogie funk to smooth it all out. As a gift to you all, I’ve got Bastard Jazz to agree to give away my “Get You Some” Boogie Remix (yes, I remixed myself, and it was FUN). Get that download while it lasts, but also please support by grabbing the MP3’s or heavy 12″ Vinyl from the Bastard Jazz Store or trusty old iTunes (we made it to the front page in “dance” category today- woohoo).

To help spread the word, I put together an hour-long radio show for BrooklynRadio.com. You’ll hear tracks from the EP, a bunch more remixes, and songs that I’m loving and getting inspired by right now. If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll probably recognize a lot, but there’s a few exclusive unreleased things in the mix as well that you don’t wanna miss. If you’re a fan of the sound and you live in the LA area, then be sure to come out to the monthly NOMERICA party in Silverlake which I will once again be DJ-ing at.

ALSO, this is a preliminary heads up, I’m coming to Europe soon for the first official Captain Planet Europe Tour in May. If you’re in Europe and want to come hear me throw down, or even better, if you throw parties yourself and have connects to promoters who may want to book me, then
HOLLER AT ME: charlie (at) mixtaperiot (dot) com

Captain Planet – Get You Some (Captain Planet’s Boogie Remix) by bastardjazz