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Very happy to announce the debut episode of Mixtape Riot Radio has just gone public over at BrooklynRadio.com! Those of you who’ve known me for a long time remember how I held down a radio show on WNYU 89.1 for 8 years beginning when I was 18. I’m glad I took time off from doing it, but the truth is, I started to really miss it. While the site has given me an outlet to share cool music with the world and make playlists that connect dots between genres, I hope this radio show will be an even greater extension of that. Plus, it’ll be that much easier for me to convince other DJ’s to give me guest mixes now. Most of the music in this debut episode has already made an appearance on this site, but there’s a few newbies, plus, you get to hear my smokey voice talk over the interludes haha. Similar to this site, expect the unexpected- the next episode could end up being all vintage bollywood favorites, just depends on what I’m feelin at the moment (in fact, that kinda sounds fun).


For full tracklist, MP3 download & show description, peep the page on BK radio.

  • c

    you’re brilliant xxoo

  • Patrick

    Congratulations! Spread the word…

  • liso

    your selection is great and make my life happier !
    what about some asian sounds like chinese,japan,korea,etc…

    Thanks for the works.


  • DJ NewLife

    I got your mix whenever you want it, Brosef. Thanks for the tunes over the years and congrats on your return to radio.

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