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So It Begins…

From last Tuesday til June 5th I’m on the road, so posts may be a bit patchy for the next month, but trust that I’ll be marauding each and every city I visit for the freshest new music to share on here. Also, there will be many, many good parties along the way (can you say… EUROPE TOUR!?!). I kicked things off in Brooklyn on Thursday with a big ole family throwdown alongside DJ DRM. So many homies came out it was almost overwhelming, luckily I’ve learned how to handle my whelms. Currently I’m up in Montreal for a couple days (trying not to spend too many ones), and on Monday I leave for Amsterdam. Full schedule will get posted real soon. If you’re in one of the cities I’m stopping in, come through and say what’s up!

Also, wanted to take a quick moment to pay tribute to a legend who passed on Friday- funky prankster extraordinaire, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch aka MCA. That group was one of the most influential mind expanders for me as a lil dude. The breadth of creativity and experimentation that they were always known for is a truly rare gift, and something that I’ve always strived for myself. Rest In Power!

Beastie Boys :       Shake Your Rump &       Get It Together

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble :       Fire (Colm K Edit)

The Dø :       Gonna Be Sick!

Zoufris Maracas      Et ta mère &       Un Gamin

Phenomenal Handclap Band :       Give

YACHT :       Le Goudron

Switch :       I Still Love You (ft. Andrea Martin)

Jamie XX :       Touch Me (feat. Yasmin)

Astrobal      Trains (The Hue Re-Think)

Wildcat! Wildcat! :       Mr. Quiche

Dirty Gold :       California Sunrise


  • Dangerscouse

    hahaha….”I’ve learnt how to handle my whelms”!!! Love it!!

    RIP MCA, such a big influence on my life over the years (along with Ad Rock & Mike D of course), and i only listened to the exceptionally excellent DJ Moneyshot Beastie Beats mix a few days ago too. It’s on soundcloud if you’re interested. Just listening to Hot Sauce Committee…again

    Have a good ‘un buddy

  • mtl danino

    I just discovered this blog and have been browsing through the archives like a kid in a candy store. Enjoy Montreal and I look forward to your future postings.

  • Dangerscouse

    F’in hell Chuck, this is impossible to fault. Every single tune is excellent. Cheers buddy

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