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Chico Mann Remix Contest

Quick update from soggy East London (where last night I threw down records at Vibe Bar to a massive trashed crowd of Sunday party fiends). I’m loving this city already! I recently made this remix for Chico Mann who I’ve been a fan of for a looooong time. I’d love to see it get properly released, but first, I need your help- PLEASE VOTE HERE  if you like what you hear (it literally takes 10seconds, just click “vote” next to my track). Afrobeat + bboy breaks + disco + electro = something like this…

Chico Mann – I Feel It (Captain Planet Remix) by novationmusic

  • Dangerscouse

    Done…good luck

  • Alex

    Computr crashes last week, reawakens today and I find you played in my hometown Sunday! Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for the music and love this track!

  • Koenski

    Wow, have to move on this one!; sun WILL breal out when this tracks on, well done Chuck, ufck da finals, u r already the winner.Period.

  • Veronica

    nice work! Now you got a vote from sweden!

  • Arcade Velocity

    another vote from sweden, great work with the remix!

  • Chuck Wild

    thanks for the support! Much appreciated.

  • Jools

    And a vote from New Zealand!!! Awesome tune, awesome blog, come and play in NZ!!!

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