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Stand Your Ground

The fact that I stumbled upon this great image of a fainted red coat during the week of American Independence Day was purely coincidental. More than it expresses any kind of pride I might take in my extremely fucked up country, I connect to the pure exhaustion the poor chap must have felt just prior to collapse, while all the other blokes are just doing their best not to make a show of it. I thought I knew hard work before fatherhood, but I truly didn’t. I have no plans to cut off my beloved (and highly outdated) blog, but I do again ask you to excuse prolonged lapses these days. It just ain’t like it used to be!

That being said, nothing has changed at all when it comes to the music that lifts me up and keeps me standing (dancing even!) through it all. So here is another long overdue selection of great ones that I hope do as much good for you as they do for me. Shout out to all of you reading this for your own dedication and faith that this site will still provide- I appreciate it!

Also, for of you in the Chicago area- I’ll be doing 2 separate events in 2 different public parks this upcoming Saturday July 13th. Get your sweat on at this Michelob Ultra event (I DJ 2-4pm to close it out), or catch me uptown at Willye White Park playing around 5:30-8. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Until the next episode… PEACE

  • radioPirincho

    Hola hola, que bueno que encontré tu blog! Hace año que escucho tu música. Aunque estoy muy lejos, al sur, voy a estar más actualizado.
    Abrazos desde Uruguay,
    Pablo de radioPirincho.org

  • Sergeant Teatime

    Even though i’m english… if someone says “sing the national anthem!” then i sing the marseillaise… and if they say “sing god save the queen!” then i sing the sex pistols lol

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Subsuelo Kinda Party

Coming up for a quick breath of air! The juggle is real people. But the beats must go on. Wanted to share a quick playlist of bangers before joining my Subsuelo Crew homies for the 8 year anniversary party tonight at the tiny little place where it all began: Eastside Luv. Even though I’m basically absent from most of the group activity these days, this will always be my LA familia and the parties they (and sometimes WE) throw are a guaranteed bonanza of good vibes and top notch tunery. So pump up the volume on this playlist, and if you read this in time and live in LA, see you tonight at the jammy jam. Fittingly tropical artwork today comes from the uber-ill artist Katherine Bernhardt.

  • Yasmin

    Promise us you will keep posting dope tunes! Really look forward to your selections

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New Joints!

Happy Earth Day indeed, with new releases to share (which actually came out last week). First up, my new single “Ghost Dance” which gives a little taste of the music I’m working on for my next album, don’t hold your breath though, might be a minute before the full release haha. You can get your copy on the really great EARTH NIGHT compilation, put together by DJ’s For Climate Action (shoutout to Sammy Bananas & El Buho among other organizers). The concept of bringing Earth Day into the nightclub / dance music world has obvious appeal to me- I’m CAPTAIN PLANET for chrissake. So as soon as I heard about the project, I wanted to be a part. We did little fundraiser parties here in LA on Friday & Saturday, and there were bigger events in NYC, and other cities around the world. Hopefully next year we can take it even further, because let’s face it, we collectively need to make major changes in very short period of time if we want to maintain the diverse life on this planet as we know it! So BUY the album, donate extra, and hopefully plant something in the soil today. 

And then next up, is this cheeky lil Afro Edits EP I put together for Kampana Records (hi there Aroop Roy). Yes, 2 of these songs have made it into the world in digital form, but it’s nice to have them on vinyl, and then I made 2 new tracks that are ONLY available on this release. So go snag a copy before they are completely sold out. 


Let’s Go To Church

Ever since I left Brooklyn 7.5 years ago, I’ve had the vast majority of my vinyl collection sitting in a storage unit down by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. In addition to the recurring frustration of wanting to hear a great record of mine that was locked up more than 2,000 miles away, I was also paying monthly rent for these bad boys. I basically had a studio apartment for my vinyl. It was stupid, but the logistics of moving the masses across country always seemed way too daunting. Plus, was I even sure that I wanted to stay in LA? Well, back in January I finally made the nearly impossible happen. It took 3 commercial palettes, weighing over 3,000 pounds, and several of the most stressful days of physical labor in recent memory, plus a lot of help from my brother (anyone remember Murphy’s Law from the Captain’s Crate days???), but now I can thankfully say that my entire collection is here with me in my studio. What a blessing! Of course, as soon as it arrived one of the first things I had to do was sort through it and sell off a ton. There were just waaaaay too many records. As I went, I started pulling out some gems to digitize, several of which you will hear today. This is gonna be a long ongoing process, but as you know, I’ve always had a very generous sharing policy when it comes to my precious records. So rest assured, you will continue to reap the benefits of my labor on this site in more posts to come. Another fun aspect of digitizing vinyl, is that I can actually give you a slightly altered version of the song- slight bass boost here, touch of compression there, played back at a different speed (like the Cameo joint on here today, which I feel is just much more in the pocket dropped down to -6%). And now, please allow me to take you to church, these are some supremely funky, soulful, body-moving, heart-opening selections, some of which are pretty darn rare and I don’t think you will find them elsewhere- I hope you thoroughly enjoy!

  • DJ Phil D

    Alway love what you share with the world, keep on digging! What a commitment to move all your disc! I’m in awe!

  • Timothy Stackpole

    Errrrmawgwaaad!!! Labor of love indeed. Can’t wait to hear the fruits born of this self crate dig. For you, it will be interesting what has stood the test of time, what doesn’t make the cut, and what now has new context and power. Congrats on the 2nd kiddo too!

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Turn Down The Silence Remix

Sorry I’m not dead, just trying to keep my head above water over here. Having a new baby and then coming home from the hospital to your 2-year-old is no joke! It’s a beautiful thing, but It’s gonna take a little while to learn the new juggling routine. I do have a fat playlist of tunes to share, which I promise to post shortly, but in the meanwhile please enjoy this new remix I did for my Canadian homies The Funk Hunters. I tried something a little different on this one, taking inspiration from the vocal, I took the song in a kinda pop-chill-but-epic-trap vibe. Those of you who are familiar with my production over the years know that I don’t like to be pinned down, so count this as another example of pushing my own stylistic boundaries a bit. The whole collection of remixes is bananas, and I’m honored to be among some of the heavyweights included on this project (hi Kraak and Smaak!).

  • Kris Obertas

    TFH did a great set at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2017. Took many photos, got some great ones. They played on a party stage in the evening and people were dancing and loving it. If you can see them live, take the leap. Listened to world music for a long time. Europe and the Middle East have wedding music and bands that play weddings. The Funk Hunters might be the ultimate Canadian wedding band! They mix up genres with ease.

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Event Horizon

I’m steadily approaching a love vortex, the kind that dramatically separates you from your past and the life you currently are familiar with, the personal wormhole that transforms and transitions you by tearing apart your sense of self, only to recombine your elements and spit you back out at a future location in the fabric of spacetime- with an additional baby in your care. If it sounds violent, that’s not quite right, but it’s not far off either. The intensity of what a birthing mother goes through is the closest first-hand experience I have to what I imagine people go through in the trenches of battle: screams, blood, mind boggling pain, life and death on the line. Of course there’s no war here, thankfully. No weapons or politics, just the beautiful all-consuming work of connecting with our primal nature and bringing a new life into the world. So as my wife and I anxiously await the arrival of this new devastating explosion of love, here are some great songs to funk up your lives to. Bear with me if it’s a bit quiet here, I’m not going anywhere, just busy building. Artwork above comes courtesy of the psychedelic Ukranian photography duo Synchrodogs.

  • jammy

    Lost and Lookin is smokin’, indeed! Thank you for this!

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