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Ya Llego Remix


Today marks a very big step for many of my homies here in the Los Angeles global bass (or whatever you’d prefer to call this sound) music scene. Early in my days here in LA, I found myself quickly gravitating towards Canyon Cody and the Subsuelo party that he helped start. That party became a home for me, and the people I met there became my friends & community. Subsuelo grew and became Calentura– an even bigger party/gathering/crew with new blood, expanded network reach, and finally, corporate sponsorship. Go ahead and scoff, but the truth is, even for those of us who live and breathe independent music, having a record label and/or liquor brand willing to fund what you do (without making too many concessions) is immensely helpful. It has allowed this vision to grow exponentially, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. So now Canyon has become the head of A&R at Fania records, essentially the Motown of Latin music. His first big project was to continue building the Calentura party by hiring bigger guest DJ’s, making more extravagant decorations, and incorporating this badass monthly fiesta into the record label. The second task was to begin commissioning remixes of the classic material from the Fania catalogue by today’s brightest producers who are continuing the spirit of this global party music that was once called “Salsa”. I feel honored to have been among the first people he asked to get involved. Today, the first compilation of this new generation of Fania music has launched. I have 2 songs on here, one of them brand new. And I’m also happy to say, I have an entire EP’s worth of material dropping shortly on Fania. For that you will have to stay tuned…

Here’s my remix of Willie Colon & Mon Rivera’s “Ya Llego”. Do yourself a favor and check out the entire release which premiered on SPIN today

  • Senor Griff

    Love your Mon Rivera remix on this collection. Looking forward to it becoming available. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘global bass’ sound. Sounds to me like ‘Human League does world music on a Casio VL tone’. Too many other remixes on this collection collapse into meaningless bleeping. It kind of takes the soul out of it. I love the fact that you keep the feel of the originals whilst making them totally nuts for the 21st century dancefloor. Love those trombones. Keep on doing what your doing.

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Guest Post: DJ Gozar


Loooong overdue, but well worth the wait. Finally got my good friend Josh aka DJ Gozar to put together a guest playlist for MTR! When I first moved to LA, Gozar (who I had never met) invited me to play at a warehouse party called Tropicali with another DJ friend Kid Gusto. He had just come back from Colombia and I was drooling over his dusty vinyl digs. A great crowd turned out, and we were recently joking that so many of the heads who showed up that night, have now become core members of our LA global bass community. A founding member of Subsuelo, a guy who can fix any tech concern this side of N.A.S.A., a perpetual good pupusa seeker, and a man I’m glad to call my homie. You can catch Gozar, along with Canyon Cody, Jose Marquez, Sabo, Jeremy Sole and more next weekend at the very dope looking Woogie Weekend festival here in SoCal. On to the tunes…

Adam Port :       E Sound Edit
Light, Percussive, Airy and Dubby. House loveliness from this dude. I first heard this track standing in the ocean at the Genius Loci Festival.

Bomba Estereo :       Raiz Captain Planet already posted the bangers off this album. This is my sleeper pick though. So Lovely. Cop the album here

Chancha Via Circuito :       Jardines ft Lido Pimienta (Thornato Remix) Chancha and Thornato on the same track. Live guitars from Ron Bunker of Balkan Beat Box. No more needs to be said.

Cristian Vinci :       Tambor y Plena Percussive Latin house banger with horns to spare from this producer. Cop it here

débruit :       Percute &       Transverse As soon as I saw that this dude had a new album, I grabbed it off Bandcamp. Spacey bassy African roots sounds not to be missed.

Mateo Senolia :       Baldwin (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Deep Afro-House rhythm under searing 1963 James Baldwin speech, remixed by Yoruba Soul. “The poets (by which I mean all artists) are finally the only people who know the truth about us. Soldiers don’t. Priests don’t. Union leaders don’t. Only poets.”

Nicola Cruz :       Colibria Space roots from this Ecuadorean master on ZZK Records, whose music “is an exploration of folkloric traditions and ancestral mythologies in a modern setting”. Love the vocals from Huiara on this. Support them!

Novalima :       Beto Kele (Nosotros Somos) &       Madretierra Two awesome tunes from the super-solid new release from this Peruvian group on Wonderwheel. LA heads, check them out at The Skirball Aug 27th too.

Owiny Sigoma Band :       Luo Land Afro fire. From their soundcloud: “Louis Hackett, the band’s bass player, produced this hypnotic response after a 12 hour changaa fueled session of hard Nyatiti soundclash.” Check it out here

Purple Disco Machine :       Magic Loving this house tune. Samples liberally from a song that a lot of you will recognize.

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics :       Reggae Merengue (Cocotaxi Cumbia Edit) Light edit of this classic tune from the Jamaican Sax master

Weird Together :       No Compromise (Daniel Haaksman Remix) Big Haaksman remix of this song from the British group.

Vivian Garcia & Armando Perez :       Locos (Atropolis Remix) Damn catchy female vocals en español over a  raggamuffin beat from the NYC homie Atropolis

  • Soul Cocina

    Super nice vibes. This Nicola tune is so sweet. The Atropolis Locos mix is gold. & from the earlier post, Dia de mi suerte has been my life anthem, Tiklah is the only one who could have done the remake justice, like the way he did si hecho palante. Big Up selectas Gozar y Chuck Dub.

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Pun Pun Catalu Remix


Merengue-meets-trap craziness cooked up by me and my homie Canyon Cody (Subsuelo mastermind and Planet Rock cohort). Canyon also works at Nacional records and helps organize the LAMC in NYC, which is where he met the current owner of the legendary Fania Records. It is thanks to him that I had the honor of getting access to some original multi-track tapes from this late-70’s session with La Reina Celia Cruz and the gangster trombonist extraordinaire Willie Colon. While this wouldn’t have been my first choice of songs to remix from their massive catalogue, it did lend itself quite nicely for a half-time heavy-bottom flip up, which is something that Canyon & I like to play a lot of at our weekly Saturday night get down. Press play and be ready for a quick dose of sonic adrenaline. Also, big shout out to SPIN.com for premiering it yesterday!

  • dawn

    Very cool thanks. Passed it on to my DJ nephew who’s been looking for something to get them sweating here in Freezzing Cape Town…

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¡Viva Fania!


I had the absolute pleasure (& honor) of being the guest DJ at this week’s Subsuelo party at East Side Luv on Thursday night. This party has been one of my favorite gatherings in LA since I first moved here (almost 4 years ago! damn time flies), and now I’m happy to call every member of the crew who promotes the night my friend. Still, this is only my second time DJ-ing there, and despite the fact that I DJ in or around LA 2-3 nights a week, it’s a very rare occasion when I can play a set like the one I did this week. For starters, we were celebrating 50 years of Fania Records– for those unschooled, this is the quintessential NYC salsa record label- the same record label that fueled all my vinyl DJ sets at Bembe back in the day when I was just cutting my teeth. Then there was a live performance from Boogaloo Assasins (who absolutely killed it), and sounded about as legit as any classic Latin outfit I’ve heard since seeing Cachao, Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri play together. And finally, Canyon Cody and I were celebrating the release of our official remix for Fania which drops next week. So that’s exciting too. Anyway, playing a lot of those classics got me inspired to pull out a playlist of some old staples of mine that haven’t seen the light of day in way too long. They aren’t all Fania, but in the vein, and strictly 60’s & 70’s recordings, which still sound perfectly fresh to my ears.

Willie Colon :       La Murga &       La Banda
the very same gangster trombonist pictured above.

Tito Puente :       Batuka
this song is about as proto-moombahton as it gets, 108bpm, huge build, dem bow conga riddim, just recorded 40 years earlier.

Celia Cruz :       Quimbara
the cuban cantante powerhouse. So thankful I got to see her live in Central Park shortly before she passed.

Batacumbele :       Se Le Ve
a cuban poly-rhythm masterpiece

Marvin Santiago :       Fuego A La Jicotea
this is what you call “salsa dura”, which basically means it burns up the dancefloor

Ray Barretto :       The Soul Drummers &       Acid
early boogaloo from the funky spiritual hippie conguero of the Fania crew.

Ralph Robles :       Banana Juana
a lost feel-good boogaloo gem that you still won’t find in the iTunes store.

Mongo Santamaria :       O Mi Shango
santeria funk jazz fusion delivered from another legendary conguero

Cachao Y Su Combo :       Malanga Amarilla
a super oldie from Cuba that still swings

Joe Bataan :       Ordinary Guy (Afrofilipino version)
and a little something smoothed out to finish off the set. This is one of maybe 10 versions of this song that Mr. Bataan recorded, perhaps the most laid back of the bunch.


  • Dangerscouse

    Listen to ‘1992 Pt II’ by Too Many Ts. I could listen to it all day long….funky, bouncy, flute loop hiphop.

  • Lyle

    Great songs. I’m so excited to start listening to the ones I don’t have (and the ones I have are terrific).

  • •••
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