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Out Of The Gray And Into Hi-Def

I’m very jazzed up about this uber-fresh new music video for my last Captain Planet single “In The Gray” ft. my good friend, the insanely talented chanteuse Brit Laurén. After having a really bad music video experience earlier this Spring, where I spent too much money and time on a video that ended up as a flop, it was extremely reassuring to make this sharp and simple one with a handful of friends on a very limited budget in just a couple days. HUGE shout out to everyone on the team for helping make this happen- Araeia Robinson (director), Adam Tillman-Young (cinematographer), Dominique Dawson (styling), and all my friends for their time and dramatic skills! Also big up to Complex Mag for the awesome feature and write-up.

The single is out and even available on 7″ vinyl, so grab it if you’ve been sleeping…

  • sandeep Chauhan

    I played the Katy B rerub just the other night at a gig. Went over real well.

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Say Hello To Van Ike

Very happy to finally bring this new project of mine to light! Van Ike has been something I’ve been doing on the side with my longtime friend Sam Barsh (who was my first roommate in Brooklyn at age 19). Friends for ages, we’ve basically been leading parallel music careers, and only just started collaborating recently in our spare time (when Sam isn’t in the studio writing songs with Kendrick Lamar, Aloe Blacc & Macy Gray). The sound of Van Ike sprung naturally from our mutual love of Hall & Oates, Dwele, Pharrell, and Mayer Hawthorne. It’s a little bit throwback, a little bit now, and a lot of soul- basically doing what we feel and love. This first offering (which premiered yesterday at OkayPlayer.com) is our tribute to one of this summer’s sexiest tunes- “The Worst” by Jhene Aiko. Consider this just an appetizer, because our debut “Notes To Self” EP will be dropping very soon. FREE DOWNLOAD below, grab it while it’s hot…

Also, for people in LA – we’re doing our first live show TONIGHT at Sadie in Hollywood (I know, I know, sorry for late notice). For those of you in NYC, you can catch us Aug. 31st at the James Hotel in SOHO or Sept. 2nd at The Drink in Williamsburg.

  • ozgood

    congrats mang

  • Kelsey

    Love this…Who’s the vocalist?

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Somewhere In The Reverb


Juggling many things at once, I start to feel disoriented and dizzy, anxious, wanting to be bigger and more capable than I am. I’d love to have a supercomputer in my head, with 10 times the problem solving capabilities, and immediate loss-less access to a long history of details. But I forget, and fuck up, and live in a suspended foggy dream state more of the time than I’d like to admit. But what saves me, keeps me sane, brings daily smiles to my face and cracks me up laughing even in my sleep, are the sacred moments of gratitude.

Hard to know whether they come from outside or in, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with sounds you love, colors that tickle you, and tastes that make your mouth water. That bon bon vie, which to you may be as simple a good sandwich. Each of the songs I’m sharing with you today has passed that test for me- scratched an itch and brought me back into the present moment. Made me grateful. I hope it helps you find a bit of grounding too, even with your head in the clouds. Shout out to DJ Shrimp Scampi for a few of today’s selections. Also, visual art today comes courtesy of The Clayton Bros who’s show is up now in Culver City and I want very badly to check it out.

Chet Faker : 1998

Thief : Cold

Little Dragon : Killing Me & Paris

Glass Animals : Pools

Paolo Nutini : Let Me Down Easy

SZA : Sweet November & Julia

BEA : Safe Ground

Poliça : I See My Mother

Jesse Ware : Tough Love

Nick Hakim : Cold

  • joyce maynard

    where does this art work come from?

  • Dangerscouse

    Got most of these already, but the few that I didn’t have, I’m impressed with….especially Thief. Heard an artist called ‘Baby Prince’ today, soulful house / R&B. Little bit like Milosh but not quite as ‘gentle’. Have a listen to ‘Demon Spawn’ and ‘I Wanna Squeeze You’, I reckon they will be right up your street.

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Ha-Ha Ha Ha Ha-Hot Music


Summer blazes on, burning through my precious time and leaving a trail of ashes under which my hazy memories dwell. I know I’m doing a lot, but if you ask me tomorrow, I will probably have the hardest time remembering today. Gotta up my ginko biloba intake and start doing memory games or something. One thing I do know, is what I’m feelin’ right now. Today it happens to be a high grade selection of tropical dancefloor bizniz. Hopefully you can pass some of your precious minutes wrapped up in a dutty wine to these goodies while sipping on something nice and cold, even if you should forget all about it tomorrow. Big Shouts to Geko Jones & Cato who hooked me up with a few of these tunes.

Stylo G ft. Sister Nancy : Badd

Exco Levi : Save The Music (Deejay Theory Edit)

Andy Rivera ft. Baby Rasta & Gringo : Si Me Necesitas (Remix)

Farruko ft. Sean Paul : Passion Wine

Systema Solar : El Botón Del Pantalón

Sonora : Cuetes (Bachata Booty Roll Contest)

Daniel Haaksman : Lemba ft. Coréon Dú

DBANJ : Oliver Twist

Fuse : Azonto (Jus Now Remix)

Unknown : Mi Nina
no idea who this artist is, pretty sure it’s Angolan Semba music. If anyone has info, PLEASE SHARE!

Batida : Pobre e Rico

DJ Laz : Esa Morena (Nadastrom & Sabo Love Miami Mix)

  • Dawn

    Stunning as always! You do a great service – thank you! Only know the 70′s Angolan stuff – which is addictive – but definitely doesn’t have auto-tuning..

  • Paa Jo

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In The Gray

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In The Gray

Perfectly timed for all your Summer BBQ & pool party soundtracks, this second single from my upcoming Captain Planet album has arrived, ready to mash up a dancefloor near you- or at least keep your head nodding while you fan yourself and try to keep cool. I originally made this riddim (featuring horns by The Lions) for a Katy B remix which got a lot of love, but was passed on by the label so I could never officially release it- wack. Because no good riddim should ever go to waste, I enlisted the talents of my good friend and frequent collaborator Brit Laurén. She killed it so thoroughly I’ve already forgotten what Katy sounded like. In The Gray is out now on 7″ (I see you vinyl heads!!!) and digitally courtesy of Bastard Jazz Records, GET IT HERE. Huge shout out to the ever-reliable OkayAfrica blog for premiering the song yesterday and giving it a great review. And stay tuned, the full album Esperanto Slang drops in September…

  • WJ

    Very cool.

  • Dangerscouse

    Bought it today. Better than the very good Katy B remix

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Bad Patriot

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To celebrate America’s birthday this year, my boo and I made a last minute mission south of the border to the land where fireworks are legal, tacos are plentiful, and the mariscos are as fresh as they are cheap. It’s been a pretty hectic past couple weeks, rocking at parties in NYC, including an all-star bash at The 303 with Nickodemus & DRM, and another edition of my monthly BKLA party at the James Hotel with DJ Cato & Geko Jones (where none other than David Byrne was getting down on the dance floor!!!). I’m also very happy to say that my next Captain Planet album is officially DONE, and will be going off to get mastered next week. In the meanwhile, I’ve been loading up on tons of new tunes, raiding hard drives and trainspotting shamelessly like always, and those gems will gradually find there way onto this site, starting with this weekend’s selection of goodies.

Sinkane : Hold Tight

Hollie Cook : 99 & Ari Up

Lana Del Rey : West Coast (The Grades Icon Mix)

Chris Malinchak ft. Mikky Ekko : Stranger

De Lux : Better At Making Time

Bag Raiders : Nairobi

That Girl With Dark Eyes : Lonely As A Wolf (Overjoy Remix)

Zhu : Faded (Rainer + Grimm Remix)

Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne : My Love

Fatima : Do Better & Ridin Round (Sky High)

  • B

    Hey man, I love the selection this week! Been following you blog for a little while, now. Let us know where you’re playing next time you’re in New York!

  • rob coppola

    nice work Chuck. as usual a smooth; but beatsy and eclectic selection. I never tire of listening to such music. Your introductions have broadened my interest so now I search out (and pay for) new tracks from particular featured artists. contact us if you ever make it down under to SYDNEY

  • •••
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