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Late To The Party

Consider this post your official invitation to one of the baddest disco parties that never was, roughly 40 years after it didn’t happen. We can dream though! And let me tell you, discovering each one of these choice vintage nuggets felt like I was finding a special place that was specifically designed for me to get down. So hopefully you’ll have a similar reaction. All played together back to back, this is one seriously soulful funk throwdown. You have been warned! Also props to the one Alex Voinea for providing visual stimulation today, he’s got plenty more where that came from.

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    What a jam packed collection!!!

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Mixtape Riot Radio #23

mtr radio 23

I’m closing out the dog days of Summer with a wild mix of soulful sounds, old and new, from around the world. Making stops in Peru, Puerto Rico, UK, Colombia and a brief sojourn in South Africa among other locales, this trip will keep you on your toes with Mixtape Riot’s eclectic musical blend. Free your mind and let your ass follow.

Tracklist & Download: http://brooklynradio.com/mixtape-riot-023/

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    Always happy to see and hear a new post on mixtaperiot, thanks for expanding my music knowledge.

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The Show Goes On

Well, well, well, look who’s back. I can’t help myself. I wake up at night with playlists in my head. For now at least, I’ll keep sneaking in some tunes when the inspiration strikes and time allows. Artwork above by Frederick Okai Tetteh. Enjoy the bounty my friends.


Mixtape Riot Radio #22

Ok, so I while I still don’t know what my next steps are, I guess I’ll keep sharing here haha. A little time away from this blog and I start to miss it! I’m thinking of playlists wether I like it or not. I should have posted this mix here a while back, but better late than never in case you missed it. I also have a bunch of new Summer goodies that I’m putting together to share,  so check my latest mix and stay tuned…

Here to help you get into the proper Summer state of mind, Charlie B. Wilder is back with another jam packed hour of top notch tunes. From rare vintage crate cuts to brand new bops for the dancefloor, the breadth of sonic styles is eclectic as always. Tune in to sounds from South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, Turkey, Norway, Morocco and plenty of destinations in between. The glue that keeps it all together is pure positivity- songs designed to uplift and get your body moving, so don’t try to fight it if you find yourself dancing. Full tracklist and download available on the BrooklynRadio.com page (plus old episodes you may have missed).


The Unknown Future Of Mixtape Riot

Hey guys, sorry but my website got hacked. It was first noticeable in small things, like malicious pop-ups when people would try to click on an embedded link or one of the songs. But then visual themes on pages disappeared, the site became insanely slow, and I couldn’t even make a new post because the admin dashboard was not functioning correctly. This has been extremely frustrating, and thankfully, I’ve had some help from folks to get the website back to a place where I could make this post and get rid of the pop-ups. But all the frustration also forced me to re-think the future of this site, and what it is that I’m trying to do.

To put it simply, I’m not really sure yet, but I may be looking at a transition away from this blog the way it has been for 15 years now. I know, for some of you out there who have been reading & following for about that long, it’s pretty crazy. But I feel like there might be better ways to continue doing what I’ve been doing on here. I’m not clear on what that will look like exactly, or what the platform will be (maybe it’s multiple outlets). With that said, please stay tuned for the future iteration, whatever that may be. Rest assured, I’m not going to stop digging up gems to share with the world!

As a consolation for your patience, I present to you all one of the deepest collections of cuts I’ve ever posted (some of them recorded from my own vinyl). It’s the very reason that I can’t just go and make a Spotify playlist to post, because a lot of these gems won’t be there. **I do however have a MTR Spotify playlist with some of the best ones from over the years**. So here’s to the future, whatever it may hold in store. Art today comes from a surprising source- Action Bronson (who knew?!?)


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When Your Key Is In The Door

I was talking with a friend about where we’re currently at in the pandemic world, with better, more “normal” days just around the corner. Both of us were commenting on several other mutual friends who have passed their breaking point and basically just thrown in the towel on being Covid cautious. He made the funny analogy that when you’re in the midst of a long drive, but feel the urge to pee, you can usually just brush it off, and brush it off again… but when you finally get out of the car, that’s when it really hits you, and that worst moment when you actually feel like you may piss you pants, is when you are at your house with the key in the door. Yeah, I feel like I’m getting there. So so so ready to actually DJ for a crowd again, ready to travel and hug family without concern, ready to go to a concert, to hire a babysitter and eat at a nice restaurant. We’re close folks, I can feel it. Anyway, today I’m catching up on some heavy hitters that I’ve been spinning the past few months. Turn em up and spread the good vibes far and wide! Visual stimulus today comes courtesy of the highly gifted Adebayo Bolaji.

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