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Mariana Deep

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For no other reason than because it’s Sunday, I’d like to share with you the first song I made after returning home to my studio from my recent epic 4-month Asia journey. The melody and inspiration for the song came to me in a dream actually- I woke up and had to race off to get in front of my keyboard as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t lose it. It definitely creates a trippy vibe that I haven’t explored very much before, but hopefully that doesn’t throw you off. I also got a little help from a pod of blue whales who provide the vocals that I sampled. I’m not sure if it’s danceable, but I know it manages to take me someplace otherworldly. Shout out to the music blog IndieShuffle for featuring it as song of the day today! Free download, grab it while it’s hot…

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Ya Llego Remix

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Today marks a very big step for many of my homies here in the Los Angeles global bass (or whatever you’d prefer to call this sound) music scene. Early in my days here in LA, I found myself quickly gravitating towards Canyon Cody and the Subsuelo party that he helped start. That party became a home for me, and the people I met there became my friends & community. Subsuelo grew and became Calentura– an even bigger party/gathering/crew with new blood, expanded network reach, and finally, corporate sponsorship. Go ahead and scoff, but the truth is, even for those of us who live and breathe independent music, having a record label and/or liquor brand willing to fund what you do (without making too many concessions) is immensely helpful. It has allowed this vision to grow exponentially, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. So now Canyon has become the head of A&R at Fania records, essentially the Motown of Latin music. His first big project was to continue building the Calentura party by hiring bigger guest DJ’s, making more extravagant decorations, and incorporating this badass monthly fiesta into the record label. The second task was to begin commissioning remixes of the classic material from the Fania catalogue by today’s brightest producers who are continuing the spirit of this global party music that was once called “Salsa”. I feel honored to have been among the first people he asked to get involved. Today, the first compilation of this new generation of Fania music has launched. I have 2 songs on here, one of them brand new. And I’m also happy to say, I have an entire EP’s worth of material dropping shortly on Fania. For that you will have to stay tuned…

Here’s my remix of Willie Colon & Mon Rivera’s “Ya Llego”. Do yourself a favor and check out the entire release which premiered on SPIN today

  • Senor Griff

    Love your Mon Rivera remix on this collection. Looking forward to it becoming available. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘global bass’ sound. Sounds to me like ‘Human League does world music on a Casio VL tone’. Too many other remixes on this collection collapse into meaningless bleeping. It kind of takes the soul out of it. I love the fact that you keep the feel of the originals whilst making them totally nuts for the 21st century dancefloor. Love those trombones. Keep on doing what your doing.

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Long Distance

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Just a quick installment of songs from near & far, intended to help carry you away someplace sunny. Most of this week’s selections have been pickpocketed from my many DJ friends. Shout out to DJ Gozar, Maga Bo, Mr. Assin. Pic above was taken on the little island of Ubin, just north of Singapore. If you ever find yourself there, riding bikes on the trails through the jungle, look out for a beautiful Buddhist temple and ask someone there if you can feed the fish.

Sam Gellaitry :       Long Distance this young kid is killing things right now

ÌFÉ :       3 Mujeres (Iború Iboya Ibosheshé) electro-roots from Cuba

FurmigaDub :       Saudadidela electro-roots from Northeast Brazil, peep the whole collection

Sidestepper :       Fuego Que Te Llama &       Magangué I’ve been a fan of this Colombian crew for many years, happy to hear this latest effort

Tabu Ley Rochereau :       Hafi Deo holy lord, this 10minute jammer from the late 80’s Congo is pretty much heaven

Baaba Maal :       Fulani Rock (Henrik Schwarz Remix) new album from Senegal’s finest, produced by Radioclit, get’s a nice deep dancefloor mix

DJ X-Trio & Calado Show :       Acorda Nani the real deal from Luanda

Yuri Da Cunha :       Atchu Tchu Tcha huuuuge pan-African hit from a couple years back that I’m just catching up with

St Germain :       Real Blues new album from France’s chillster supreme dives deep into African sounds

Matanza, Acid Pauli & Jo.Ke :       How Strange (Nicola Cruz Remix) the man Nicola took this one to outerspace and back, BRAVO!

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Live At The Globe

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I don’t normally share live mixes, partly because I like to keep you curious enough that you actually have to put in the effort to come out in person, but also in part because the mix is usually a little sloppy in places and levels aren’t always as even as I’d like, but here I go making a special exception. This is a solid 60min section from my DJ set last Saturday night at the beautifully renovated Globe Theater in downtown LA opening up for one of my all-time favorite drummer/producer/DJ/music-master-minds Questlove, and the mad scientist of bass The Gaslamp Killer. It was an awesome night, and I felt warmly welcomed back in my home city by a big crowd who seemed to open up to my global Gumbo Funk sound. I took a real trip around the world, mixing some long-time Captain Planet staples with some new discoveries and a healthy amount of my own original productions as well. Press play and get ready to move…

1. Thornato – Seu Maya (Thornato Remix)
2. Tropkillaz x Gappy Ranks – Baddest Baby (Deejay Theory Remix)
3. Kranium ft. Ty Dolla Sign – Nobody Has To Know (Major Lazer & KickRaux Remix)
4. Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew (Drunkmaster Flex & Esentrik Remix)
5. Mapei – Don’t Wait (Smalltown DJ’s Edit)
6. Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto – Manolo (Uproot Andy Remix)
7. Captain Planet – Aguacero ft. Chico Mann
8. Buyepongo – Maestros (Captain Planet & Canyon Cody Remix)
9. J Boogie – Motto Moombah ft. Los Rakas & E-40
10. R2bees ft. Sakodie & Nana Boroo – Agyeiii (Captain Planet Remix)
11. Seu Jorge – Mania de Peitão (Captain Planet Bootleg)
12. DJ Nu-Mark – Oya Indebure
13. Bomba Estereo – Fiesta
14. DBANJ – Oliver Twist
15. Toddla T vs. The 2 Bears – Big Tune A Drop ft. Mr Lexx
16. Daniel Klauser – Rootz
17. Clap! Clap! – Liberty
18. Thornato ft. Jahdan – Ka Kong (Captain Planet Remix)
19. Wyclef Jean – Jaspora
20. Katy B – Katy On A Mission (Captain Planet Remix)
21. Sam Gellaitry – Long Distance
22. Will Magid – Irfan ft. Paul Bertin
23. Schoolboy Q – Collard Greens ft. Kendrick Lamar
24. Stylo G ft. Sister Nancy – Badd
25. El General – Tu Pun Pun
26. Alsarah & The Nubatones – Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix)
27. Mahendra Kapoor & Suresh Wadekar – Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Uproot Andy Remix)
28. TRDMRK & Tropkillaz – King (Tropkillaz Remix)
29. Beenie Man – Dude (Ape Drums & Phat Deuce Remix)
30. Alo Wala x Nucleya – Little Lotto ft. MC Zulu
31. Willie Colón & Mon Rivera – Ya Llego (Captain Planet Remix)

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Wake Up Hungry

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Been slightly overwhelmed with new music lately, like I’m catching up on all the quality indy releases that I missed while on the road, and there where MANY. It also seems like artists & labels love dropping tons of new material right at the start of the new year. Whatever the case may be, my “New Additions” playlist is all over the place and overflowing. Can’t lie, watching King Kendrick’s Grammy performance also had a pretty powerful effect on me- just being reminded of the level of intense emotion that can be expressed in a song, and the bravery to say it loudly in front of millions of people. I woke up hungry for more music, powerful sounds, thirsting to manifest distant echoes that I hear in my head. I’m hoping today, as always, that sharing these songs here helps feeds your creativity, somewhere out there over the internet, wherever you may be. Today’s photo comes courtesy my homie Ravi Vora who is also a constant source of visual inspiration. Check out his insane insta-feed if you ever feel lacking for dreams. Also, for anyone in Los Angeles area, I’ll be doing a big show on Saturday night at the Globe Theater opening up for 2 legends: Questlove + Gaslamp Killer.

Earth, Wind & Fire :       Drum Song
R.I.P. to one of my all-time favorites, Maurice White

Jamie Woon :       Sharpness

Anderson .Paak :       The Waters &       Light Weight this whole album is FIRE. Do yourself a favor.

Big Grams :       Fell In The Sun ft. Big Boi

SG Lewis :       All Night ft. Dornik

Massive Attack :       Ritual Spirit

AlunaGeorge :       I'm In Control ft. Popcaan

DJ Snake :       Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Katy B, Four Tet & Floating Points :       Calm Down

RÜFÜS DU SOL :       Be With You

Bomba Estereo :       Algo Esta Cambiando (Jamie Prado Remix)

Khruangbin :       Two Fish And An Elephant


    Thanks. It’s good as it always was. Love your music taste. Discovered Khruangbin through this post. Wow!

  • julien

    Great selection !! Saw Anderson Paak live yesterday night (Paris). The man is truly impressive

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Carnival Time Again

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Time to dust off your vuvuzela, the sequined bikini, and the feather headdress. All around the world, where Catholics and Christians spread the gospel, people will be getting loose in the streets this week. I don’t fully understand where this tradition comes from, but judging it purely on the visual and musical stimulus it has provided me over the years, I can’t be mad at it. I didn’t actually compile a playlist of authentic global carnival related songs (which is a good idea for some future date), but this week I’m sharing a collection of dance music that could potentially get you and your friends parading through the streets. There’s some Trinidad, some Brazil, some West Africa- plenty of beats and bass to go around. Special shout out this week to my man in Singapore DJ Bhayology for providing a healthy portion of this playlist. Photo above comes from the highly inspiring work of Phyllis Galembo.

Buju Banton :       Champion (Maga Bo Remix)

Pearls Negras :       Pensando em Você

Deela :       Okka Rina

Olatunji :       Ola

Yemi Alade :       Johnny

Afriquoi :       Ningde Jubeh

Madera Limpia :       Loco (Daniel Haaksman Remix)

Ephniko, Deuce Eclipse & Sonido Baylando :       Oye Morena

Snappy Jit :       Bumpa (SpydaT.E.K Remix)

Radioclit :       Secousse (Round Table Knights Remix)

Petrona Martínez :       La Encuera 2.0 ft. Uproot Andy

R. City :       Like This

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